Should you wish to use the Rightfax system to be able to send a Fax from Microsoft Outlook 2007, please log a call with the UNISA helpdesk. The Help desk will assist you with installing the Rightfax client for Outlook to enable this service.

Once the client is installed and initialised, you will be able to select the Fax icon (shown below) on the right hand side of the "Search Address Books" option on the tool bar.

After the "Quick Fax Address" window opens, complete the open fields with the relevant information and select the done button. This will open an empty email window.

You can attach the document you wish to fax and add further email or fax addresses in the address bar.

Whatever you type in the body of the email, will be converted to the text on the cover page of the fax when sent.

When you are finished and have checked all the information, you can press the send button.

Should everything go fine, you will receive an email to confirm that the fax was sent to the recipient.