To get up and going on the Unisa VPN service, you should be okay by following the following steps.

Before you start with this procedure, you will require an authorised VPN account which has been issued to you by the Unisa help desk.

Go to the following link and download the client for your operating system.

This procedure ONLY covers the installation of the Windows XP client. All the relevant information is displayed here and can be used in configuring the other forms of the client.

Extract the files to any location on your local hard drive once the download is complete.

Locate the setup.exe file and execute it. The first screen you will get is this...

Please follow the screen examples from here on to complete the configuration.

Just select next

Let the install copy the files. You will be asked to restart your computer. Do that. After the restart, you will see a yellow key in the task bar. Double click on the key and continue with these instructions.

Select yes to start the configuration.

In the Site Wizard screen below, make sure that the IP address is exact and name the site as you would think sensible. Click next...

Select the User name and password option on the next screen and click next.

The user name and password credentials you were issued with by help desk must now be entered as shown in the screen below.

Select advanced on the "Select Connectivity Settings" window and click next

Ensure "Perform IKE over TCP" is selected and click next

The wizard will then connect to the Unisa VPN gateway.

If this connection fails, you should go back and check all your settings before contacting the Unisa Help Desk for further assistance. If the connection has succeeded then you will get a screen that looks similar to this.

Click next for the following screen to appear.

Click finish and the next window will allow you to connect if you want.

Once the installation is complete, you will notice an icon of a key running in your task bar as show below.

Whenever you require the VPN to connect, you can right click on this key and select Connect from the little popup menu. The VPN Client will ask you to fill in your password and it initiate the connection when you are done.